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Creating and Selling Great Digital Products

Top Ten Tips To Get Started Writing Your Book - Part 2

You are far more likely to successfully write and publish your book if you follow these tips before you [start writing] write a single chapter.  Part one of this article is available at

Create Your Very Own Digital Product In Just 1 Day !

Imagine if you knew exactly how to create high converting, profit churning, steamy hot niche products anytime you want... Regardless of whether or not you even know one single thing about the niche you wish to create a product in... in UNDER 24 HOURS !

Top Ten eBook Mistakes and How to Correct Them (Part 1)

Did you know that you already have an eBook inside you? And, like your coach, you can earn thousands of dollars each month?

Top Ten eBook Mistakes and How to Correct Them (Part 2)

Did you know that you already have an eBook inside you? And, like your coach, you can earn thousands of dollars each month? 

7 Simple Ways To Boost Your E-Book Sales

You can often dramatically increase your E-Book salesby making a few minor adjustments to your sales page.Here are 7 ways to increase your E-Book sales:

How To Create and Market Your own E-Book

The Internet presents an amazing opportunity foranyone who knows how to research and write.

An eBook Publishers Dilemma: Should I Use PDF or Exe Format?

If you write and publish eBooks, sooner or later youwill probably be faced with a dilemma - should youcreate your eBooks as .exe files or .pdf files?

20 Ways to Increase Web$ite Traffic and $ales with eBooks

Here's a fast, easy list for you. Use it as checklist tosee what you need to do to increase traffic. Or use it as areview list if you have already been working on improvingyour website traffic. It will help you find ways that youmight have known or forgotten.

Selling Books and E-Books Online

For many authors the thought of getting professionally published is little more than a dream. That was until the advent of the internet started threatening the very existence of publishers. As the internet started gaining momentum, real world publishers started finding strategic ways to ensure a peaceful co-existence with online publishers and self published authors. However to this day, traditional publishers are seeing only a small growth rate of 5%, while ebook sales soar at about a 30% growth rate. The exciting news for many authors is that you now don?t need to subject yourself to the rejection notices and snobbery of the publishing community.

20 Ways To Profit With Free eBooks

My habit of collecting every free eBook I could lay my hands proved very profitable

Self Publishing Era: Digital Publishing Tears Down Walls

Since the birth of publishing, authors have been forced to deal with the middlemen of this industry; the publishing houses. Often some of the best authors are turned away at the door because they are not ?recognized? enough. Sometimes the best talent is rejected because big publishing houses just do not have time to look over all of the manuscripts. Well the times have changed. Now authors can self publish their material for next to nothing in the form of an ebook. While many traditionalist stubbornly claim that ?customers won?t buy ebooks?, nothing could be further from the truth. Some ebook authors make exorbitant amounts of money. What?s better is they get to keep most of their profits. If you are thinking about writing a book, consider publishing it in ebook format. Here are some of the benefits of ebooks?

How To Bring In Your First $100,000 With Infoproducts

Can you really earn a living creating and marketing ebooks, special reports, courses and other infoproducts?

Your Guaranteed Path to Becoming an Information Product Money Machine

How To Turn Your Talks or Articles into Books, eBooks, CDs and More

Resell Rights Power

The Quickest Way To Have A Product To Sell On The Internet

Internet Business Model For Selling A Single, Unique Product

An e-book is a single, unique product. It's unique because no 2 authors can write exactly the same book since it will contain each author's own knowledge, personal experiences and other things not known to the other.

5 Guaranteed Ways To Snowball Your Resale Right Profits

Resale Right Products are a huge market. Unfortunately, maypeople are losing more money than they?re making. Ebooks arequickly devalued as everyone tries to offer them at a lowerprice than their competitors. Finally, the ebook is given outfor free and it becomes nearly impossible to sell.

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